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Transform your life with this time-proven ancient Science

Each and every successful individual since times immemorial has agreed to luck or destiny to be one of the most important factors behind their successes. And people who failed over and over again would attribute their misfortune to a strong hand of destiny too.

What if you could hack destiny and turn the wheel of fortune in your favor. What if there was a science, hidden from the masses, that could turn the alignment of your stars.

It wouldn't be the first time that the organized science took hundreds of year to acknowledge the power of the ancient discipline. Just about 50 years ago, Yoga and meditation were not the subjects of mainstream research proving the life altering benefits of these thousands of years old disciplines from the east. Look around now, there are practicing gurus, psychologists, and physicians from the best hospitals in the world prescribing yoga and meditation.  Numerology is one such science that has been piquing the interest of intellectuals recently.  Though the origin of Numerology dates back over five thousand years with references and variations present in most cultures throughout history, Pythagoras, the great mathematician considered it as the definitive metaphysical study of numbers and he developed it further as a science. 

A platform built on sound research based on ancient science proven to garner success

The ancient proponents of numerology believed that much like the sunlight passes through different layers of the atmosphere, the universal intelligence aligns the destiny of all humans by specific quantum level interactions through the layers of Karma, Intentions, astrological and numerological vibrations. We can't exert any control over the astrological destiny that we were born with but the other 3 factors are certainly bendable to a large extent.

Powerful name vibrations can be the difference between a big success and a big failure in every sphere of life. It can be the key to achieve the impossible and even avert accidents or career downfalls.

Whether you are looking to get ahead in your career, have better relationships,  improve your prospects of business success and overcome hardships of any kind, a good name vibration designed in accordance with the ancient laws of numerology can change your fortune

Turn the Wheel of Fortune in your favor

About the World School of Numerology

A chance discovery of a book on numerology by one of our team members sparked the seed of curiosity to find out more about the subject. Over time, our team of developers, design thinkers, Bio-technologists and researchers got together and picked it up as a hobby and since have read more than 20 books and ancient texts on the subject. The more we read, we realized that numerology is not just an art but a Science with roots in ancient Europe and India. As a result, we have combined Chaldean, Kaballistic and Pythagorean systems to build our predictive algorithms. In the process, our team had also interviewed several popular Numerologists to validate the authenticity of our predictions and in the process had discovered that our system is superior.

Say Hello To A Better Version Of You!

Do you ever wonder about what is your life’s purpose? Do you wish to do better in life and have better fortunes? A new version of your name might just hold the secrets to better personal and professional fortune.

Utilize the power of the Numerology Academy and visualize how subtle changes in name can improve your life, make a positive impact, change your fate, reduce stresses and troubles on the basis of the sound principles of numerology.

Powerful transformation In just a few minutes

Sign up for the program today to get the instructions you need to bring about a positive change in the direction of your life. Numerology Academy offers an approximately 20 minutes long online course that teaches you the basics of numerology, the methodologies involved and how to navigate the platform.

Once the online course is completed, you also get access to the platform that you can use to design your name and calculate lucky dates to conduct business, auspicious ceremonies, signing contracts etc.

Is this course for me?

Numerology Academy is of the belief that every being should be able to harness the power in the science of numerology to design one’s name that is in harmony with their birth and ruling planet numbers.

This course is for anyone desirous of finding the most favorable spelling of your name that has the right body-mind vibrations that possess the power to change your fate, bring joy and peace in your life and one that would help you make strides in personal and professional choices.

The Numerology Academy Empowers You To…


How the platform works within a matter of minutes and understand how simple it is to use to optimize your name.


the system that enables you to create your own name variations that maximize your potential and help you achieve greatness.


the opportunities to improve your business, health, luck and accomplish your goals.


your success rate based on the powerful name vibrations that make your dreams come true and promote excellence in every aspect of your life.


the chances of gaining opportunities that so far have been out of reach in your life including career and personal growth prospects


a positive environment around you with subtle changes in your name that enhances the positive vibrations of your personality

Why Numbers Pathway Institute

The platform is based on extensive research and amalgamates the best from ancient Indian and western science of Numerology. With technology, this system packs more accuracy and power than what the traditional numerologists offer.

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Famous Personalities Who Used Numerology For Their Names

Napoléon Bonaparte

Named Napoleone di Buonaparte at birth, Napoléon in later life consulted a team of numerology specialists to create a name with the right vibrations that enabled him to become the emperor. 

Beyonce’s Daughter Blue Ivy Carter

Beyonce and Jay-Z’s daughter has been named Blue Ivy Carter. The IV in ivy refers to the number 4. The birth dates of the parents and their wedding date as well. 

Hrithik Roshan

One of the most successful heartthrob of the Indian film industry, Hrithik Roshan altered the spelling of his name before getting launched in his first film, that went on to break all records and the rest is history. 

Ajay Devgn

In 2019, on the request of his family, Ajay Devgan changed his name by removing the letter ‘a’ in his last name. Since then the actor has had great success in Bollywood with back to back hits to his credit

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to talk to a numerologist to change my name?

The power of the platform lies in its simplicity. Based on years of research, the platform has enabled everyday users and novices to use the platform to create name variations that hold the key to success in life.

How much time do I need to do this?

The online course takes 20 to 30 mins to complete and understand how the platform works. Once done, simply access the platform and start working on name variations for yourself.

How do I access the platform?

Numerology Academy is accessible via our site on PCs and Mobile. Please ensure you have a stable network to access the platform and the course.

How do I access the analysis of my name variations?

The platform allows you to write down 6 variations of your name. Please mention the 6 variations, each with your date of birth, and click on analyze. The platform then shares with you the analysis with details including name vibrations based on Chaldean, Kaballistic and Pythagorean systems and lucky dates for performing important activities such as business deals etc.

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